Commercial Project Profiles

Napa Valley College Chiller Plant

Completed in 2008, this facility was a Bell Products, Inc. turn key project. With the capabilities to make 1 million pounds of ice each night the Napa Valley College Chiller Plant is the state of the art in ice storage. Two 600 ton chillers and twelve 800 gallon storage tanks make up the heart of the system controlled by a sophisticated digital controller network.

Construction of the cast in place concrete structure challenged Bell Products, Inc. crews to develop an erection sequence around the massive mechanical equipment required for the project. "We essentially build the building around the mechanical equipment," states Paul Irwin, Bell’s senior project manager, "it’s a one of a kind".

TLCD Architecture of Santa Rosa designed the facility and the mechanical systems were designed by Costa Engineers of Napa.

Napa Valley College Chiller Plant Facts:

  • 1 million pounds of water is turned to ice over night
  • Significantly reduces peak energy requirements campus wide


Bertolini Student Center

The 3 story 78,000 square foot building will house student classrooms, staff, kitchen servery and dinning hall. Bell Products is performing the complete mechanical services installation for the project.

Equipment includes Fire / Life Safety Pump, Cooling Tower, Boiler, Energy Recovery Unit, Geotechnical Pump Station, Kitchen Hood Make Up and Exhaust Fans, and 144 individual Geo Heat Pumps.

Bell Products also installed the Building Management System that controls all the equipment and provides building occupants with a detailed look at the buildings operating efficiency through the use of touchscreen computers. Occupants will be able to see the amount of energy the building is consuming as well as the amount saved through the use of highly efficient Geotechnical and Energy Recovery equipment.

Bertolini Student Center Facts:

  • 3 story construction saves site space while providing much needed class space
  • Individual Geo Heat Pumps provide local control of spaces at unsurpassed efficiency
  • Whole-Building Energy Recovery Equipment ensure maximum operating efficiency and a welcoming indoor environment
    •Building Management Systems integrate all indoor environmental conditions


American Canyon High School

American Canyon High School is to be one of the greenest, most efficient campuses in the state.

Housing some 2200 students with over 260,000 square feet, American Canyon High School will be one of the biggest and most progressive campuses in the Napa Valley Unified School District.  The campus will utilize geotechnical bore fields drilled under the football fields and baseball diamonds as a natural heat sink.  The progressive heating and cooling system is just one way the campus will be saving on its utility bills.  Roof lined with Photo Voltaic (PV) panels will provide up to 55% of the campuses electrical requirements.  Waterless urinals and water-saving lavatories will reduce potable water use by as much as 55%.

Bell Products, Inc. is tasked with bringing all the mechanical heating and cooling equipment online.  Not only will Bell Products be installing all the energy efficient heating and cooling equipment and ductwork, they will also be charge of integrating the high-tech Building Management System (BMS).  The BMS system will optimize the operation of the already highly efficient equipment to produce a comfortable learning environment with the least amount of energy consumption.

American Canyon High School Facts:

  • 2200 students, 260,000 s.f.
  • $121 million 
  • First CHPS Verified Project, earning 47 points. 
  • Earned $1,000,000 in extra funding from OPSC Prop 1D 
  • Produces 55% of it’s electricity 
  • Uses 55% less potable water
  • Expected to house over 2200 students